Reviews for "Pixelknight II"

Like genowirl88 said: Meh

It's pretty bland, but I love Flixel engine games, so good job. It's not bad, just not something extraordinary.


eh its pretty good

Really good

This is better then the first one in my opinion because you are not just waiting for enemies to show just to put a knife into their head, I didn't give it a ten because the boss was really easy and the game feels somewhat short

heres what i think

This is by far the best flixel game IVE played. it was better than the first but there is one thing i would do. let people switch weapons. if u have a knife but pick up a bad weapon like the orb but never wanted to u shud let them switch back weapons with q and e. thats the one flaw i see. so if ur planing a 3rd it was just a suggestion. other than that it was good.


this game is great its not like thosk you think you like games my favorite weapon was the shuriken