Reviews for "Pixelknight II"

Good Work.

Good game. It really reminds me Ghouls n' Ghosts, and almost just as hard, though you're quite a bit more generous when it comes to dying (which is a good thing!~).

Only thing I really don't like is how enemies home on you like crazy suicidal pixel knight seeking missiles, but I guess it's intentional, since it would too easy if the enemies didn't mindlessly ram into you.


You definitely did make the game feel like Ghost 'n Ghouls, not much like Castlevania, and oddly enough like Ninja Gaiden except for those dickish birds who always spawned midjump. *grumbles*

However, I do have to agree with a lot of other players on this one. Where the original felt a lot like a good defense-type game, this one strayed a bit too far from the formula.

I enjoyed the fact that there were only a set number of enemies, I didn't enjoy that pretty much after your first step they would immediately start to home in onto your position.

The weapons are indeed broken, and in need of a fix. The Shuriken was my personal favorite; in games like these, I would prefer a weapon with faster attack speed and a slight arc to those of much slower, but heavier damage output. Everything else pretty much wasn't worth my time, seeing how the weapons either have a slow attack speed (the Knife), move with you (the Boomerang), or are an anti-air weapon(the Axe) when a vast majority of your enemies are on the ground.

Ghost 'n Ghouls also had a life system in place. You died, you would restart at a checkpoint or the beginning of the stage and your lives would go down a notch. I think adding that may help keep the flow of the game going rather than having to die once, restart all over again, and learn from the mistake.

All in all, an average action platformer, but in need of some refinement.

Meh, not much fun

Controls are clumsy and slide way too much, lack precision. Gravity is too soft.

Weapons are unbalanced. We HAVE to avoid several of them or we are DOOMED. Also, only a single active weapon at a time. Cant select them.
Game is repetitive even if it work reasonably well.

Dying cause a publicity to pop up, and THEN we can retry.. TOO LONG and annoying.

We cant use weapons vertically, so the game feels way too much .. unflexible? I dont like it.

Ennemies should get damaged when they jump on spikes.


Reminds me of the best (Demon Crest, original metroid, rygar, mega man ). The weapons are great with the bow and arrow being favored. Love how you can level up.

Every aspect of the game seems thought out and intentional.

Great job!


nice game addictive but the ads and difficulty :(