Reviews for "Yoyoyo Acapulco - Orange"


where can i get this song for my ipod!!?


Nice song and nice animation! I've never heard 'triangle' pronounced like that before! Haha.

The only thing that kinda threw it off was that the animation started getting kinda crappy in the middle....but anyways, well done!



This song makes me happy ^^

It has a nice, upbeat feel to it and the animation fits it pretty well. Now as far as some the haters going on about the music being very basic... so what? Since when does music have to sound expensive or complicated? The song has a very simple flow to it which is part of its appeal. Music isn't about trying to sound better than anybody else, it's about expression, and these guys pull it off just fine if you ask me.

Nice song, nice video

I enjoyed it, but I have one question. The part where he says "...on a bus [pause] stop," is it SUPPOSED to look like he's masturbating?

...Because it kind of does.