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Reviews for "Yoyoyo Acapulco - Orange"

holy shit!

someone call mtv we got a monster nr 1 hit!


Damn Druox, you need to calm down tanto, your reading, must be crap, because it says right there in the description, that this is just a music video he made, and explains that it is band that he likes. So try and use your ABC's once in a while and it will stop you from looking like an idiot, and making a complete ass of your self.

Well any way, I thought the animation, was pretty smooth, though the lines could be a little. . . smoother xD, but I liked it more then not, so I bumped your score, GL in the future. ^^

Perfect match for a catchy song

The animation style and content were a great accompaniment for the song, which was really catchy.
At first I thought that delroxorz review was mean-spirited. But after listening to the song again I have to agree that the bass and keyboards were the weakest part of the piece. The bass player sounds as if they only recently started playing the bass, and the keyboardist went off on their own direction at times. I do not know if this was intentional, but I found it detracting.

nice animation

great music video. the animation all flowed pretty well together. the song isnt bad either.

great job.

Great Fun!

Must have been three years since i saw this band play the smallest stage on Arvika festivalen! I´m glad they are still playing!

lysgaard responds:

Haha, that's awesome!