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Reviews for "Yoyoyo Acapulco - Orange"


I really enjoyed this weird song. nte beat on par.
nice bass track !


maybe u should do it in a loop, it would be awesome :)

it was preety nice

the animation was good
it wasfunny enough
the mucic was....
well it was nicely done but i found the piano kind of pointless
with no rythmm at all
other than that
great job

I don't see the problem

with all these other people... it's a nice little sing-a-long song that kind of makes me want to tap my feet. The other people saying the animation style is bad are quite wrong it pretty good and seems like you guys put a lot of work into this the song is pretty good, and yeah, I think the bad English kind of makes the song better. Apart from the part with the blue swirly lines, the entire song was good, but it looked like the animation was very badly drawn in that part.

It was a great video.

I liked this song. I've had a soft spot for non-english bands who sang english songs. Yoyoyo Acapulco is a nice band, retro sound, and very odd, all of which I like about them. The video itself has a retro art feel to it. It reminds me of 60's or 70's disco-ish vibe. I keep up the work, the more practice, the better the films will get.

(Considering I have no idea if the artists have done any other videos on their sites, I'll view this as a first film effort.)

It a little rude of the thirteen year olds below me bashing this song/video. Makes myself, as an American, feel ashamed of how they treat people. There isn't an effort from most people on this site that blam honest attempts. Druoxthe Shredder, a 'voice actor' himself, busting the chops of someones art when he himself only lends a voice to rather shitty movies. Pitiful.