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Reviews for "Yoyoyo Acapulco - Orange"

Awesome. xD

Fluid, clean animation that corresponded well with the lyrics of the song.
The audio is high quality not something that sounds like it was ripped off some illegal music site.

The song itself is pretty cool. It has a tropical, happyish, tone to it. :D

Keep it up mate

haha I love it! :D

haha that song xD
and your kind of animation :D
together it's like an orange sea :3

Great job

Really great job, but this song probably claims one infinite loop :)

nice music video!

great flash as well! The animation is really good and funny looking and the music is pretty cool and catchy too. :) The only problem i had with this flash is that was kinda short, or is that how long the song is? If not tho, it would of been cool to see another verse of animation.. Overall tho it was awesome! 10/10


Fantastic! Nothing is wrong! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!