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Reviews for "Lil' Joke Shop of Lulz"

omg why

@.@ that was umm funny... maybe.
good art thou you just need a better story i think.

Not spectacular

but i still lol'd

mildly funny

not great, not horrible, but good. i liked this


although it was short, the store owner cracked me up lol
it wasnt that bad of a flash but make it longer next time


Man. Using acid instead of something like pepper spray is pretty original and has a lot of comedic value. Hmmm. I guess sarcasm doesn't communicate well through text. Nevermind then. The joke was obvious. The graphics were mediocre at best and the voice acting pretty much sounded like you're recording in your bedroom but trying not to wake your parents up. So yeah. Not so much front page material I don't think. Maybe page 12 continued on page 20 after the classified ads. The 4 is just for taking time out of your life to upload something that doesn't make loud piercing noises and flash colour in my face.