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Reviews for "Lil' Joke Shop of Lulz"

Haha i love it

Hehe thanks for making this it gave me much laughter, and props on the "CHARACTERS" you made some very odd yet interesting characters, the size of this flash was really good for the content, and nice job on the humor

This flash needs more animtion it had some but could have used more

Funny characters good humor and just overall Amusing


Could be a lot better

Better timing maybe? I dunno, but seemed really weak, it could be good as a joke for a longer vid but doesnt stand on it's own

did not like

well you get 3 stars for front page, but the concept was kind of weak... It's a weak shot at dark humor and as far as i'm concerned you either go big or go home, and sadly i think your headed home. Sorry 1/5 3/10

not bad

i like it


I gave a 4, guess I tend to give higher votes when I'm drunk^^