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Reviews for "Lil' Joke Shop of Lulz"


I'll give you points for creativity. Other then that... not really front page worthy


lol funny vidio, could have been longer though

I'm sorry, but...

It wasn't all that great. It's okay i guess, but certainly not front page material.

The humor, which was the point of the short, was terrible. It seriously wasn't funny.

The lipsync and animation in general was really off. It was just a bunch of quick tweens and awkward frame-by-frame, though the tweens themselves were okay (just lazy animation).

The voice acting was okay, but still lacking that needed enthusiasm to make it great.

And the art was alright. Nothing more to say there.

... That is all.


wasn't even funny... Just really kinda sick and twisted...


see, its not pepper spray, its hydro chloric acid! neaah! lol