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Reviews for "Lil' Joke Shop of Lulz"

Lacks but...

ill give you a 10 just for the joke itself, HlC spray was a pretty funny punchline, i also enjoyed the guys face melting :3

its not pepper spray it hydronic acid

just to say the humor is lacking a lot

I went to the searchbar to find this again.

Those guys below are just stupid. This is one of the funniest things that I have ever seen on newgrounds. No kidding. Perhaps I just have an odd sense of humor, but I find this both hilarious, and creatively stupid.

Seankiely responds:

thank you, yeh well evry1 has ther opinions and tastes i gess but im glad people do like it :) and my flashes to come will be better



Oh shit....

I really regret to have watch this....I'll hav nightmares or something..
Alright listen, the humor sucked, no wait actually ther IS no humor.
Secondly, when you said that u made this flash just to improve your skills....well its crappy but not "OMFG My EYES" crappy.
And the title really shouldnt hav been used here.
I actually had high expectations I was lik wow something new.
But when I saw this I regretted it.
Oh and Hydrochloric Acid is NOT funny.

Seankiely responds:

well im very happy to disapoint you :D