Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2"

awesome voice! awesome writing! i hope a third one is made with the same voice and music and writer!!!!

The decision to stick with text based I enjoy because its flavorful and sets your scene nicely. My choice of clothes or starting tool didn't affect my game in any way that I know of, which felt a bit lame.

epic game and plus it still connects with one it has a good storyline this is still good just make a third one k?

There was something that didn't make sense btw,you couldn't shoot the zombie without killing the girl?Why should you kill the zombie along with the girl,she hasn't been bitten yet.Repeated that so many times just so i could save the girl and i am disappointed about that.I feel strongly about that.

The best one ever i tried other games kinda like this but i ended up with rank b 50/50 of surviving. I would take a rifle,hunting knife, and camo gear. then head to the woods. How will you survive reply to me :D