Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2"

I love these types of games!
Make another one Plzzz
My score is:
Survived the day: Yes
Got the antibiotics: Yes
Tactics: Rank B
Com passion: Rank A+
50/100 chance of surviving

THIS. IS. GREAT. This game has a very good story, good music, good artwork, good voice acting (even though it's not synchronized with text), I don't even know why this is free.

This is permanent in my playlist. Love it.

Amazing game. I won't lie, it felt awesome to beat the game with an A in Tactics and an A+ in Compassion.

THIS GAME IS SO COOL!! i think this is a big improvement from the last game because what u do can affect every thing there after and sometimes things that sound stupid to do may not be so dumb SPOILER ALERT: if u choose jeans and a jacket u will be able to run away faster which means escaping a scene will be alot easier........... see what i mean?