Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2"

Not an Exaggeration.

One of the best games i've ever played. =]


This was fantastic. Most people don't appreciate a good choose your own adventure game. I used to read the choose your own adventure books and this was way better then those books. Keep up the good work.

An awesome game.

Gave a real feeling of zombie apocalypse to me and I really liked your voice acting.
Although does choosing a different weapon/ clothing/ last choice (like saying goodbye to the wife or having a drink) impact the game in any way?

Nicely done ~

I found this strangely enjoyable. A certain MMO has robbed me of my ability to enjoy flash games (at least the typical ones) anymore, but this was pretty interesting. Just like when reading a choose-your-own-adventure book, this game made me really think about little things and kept me in a state of semi-suspense, when a seemingly innocuous decision can lead to the SCREEN OF DEATH! haha ~

The only thing I found glitchy was the farm hand. The game clearly told me he bit me, ripped into my windpipe, etc ~ then suddenly I'm back at the farm/compound? It was strange. I lost but won.

Anyhow, this was pretty cool, just do a little more proof-reading and testing before the next one, I found a couple grammatical errors aside from the farmhand glitch.

Finished with Tactics B, and Compassion A :)

i loved the game, and the series

from beginning to end i was expecting that you choose and play from your beginning actions but i wasn't disappointed. but some of the options like at the mall were something i wouldn't expect but none the less i like this and i hope you make more like this