Reviews for "Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2"


This is my most favorite series. No other game here comes close to it. Thank you for making it. I hope more like it will be developed soon. It would also be cool to voice one of them.

I'm 14 Years Old,But Still I Can Understanding The Talking And Easily Survivor This Story

-Great Story And Game Mode-

Pacing was well thought-out, voice acting was as good as more than a few high-end games, and the entire audio track lent itself well to keeping the feeling of tension and action. As a huge fan of Choose You Own Adventure books as a kid, this presents a vivid experience around which to let the imagination run. Well done!

I enjoyed the game, although i thought some things could have been better. i died at the beginning because when i decided to hot wire a car the character decided to break into it. i would have liked it better if i had had the choice to break it or not, because that was obviously an extremely vital decision to be made.

I also didn't like the voice, it felt a little over-dramatized.

on the other side, though, the story was great. i really enjoyed taking that journey, and the writing was good, too. i could feel the Adrenalin rush that i'm sure the character would have been experiencing at certain points.

the only truly disappointing part of this game was the length. i wish it had lasted longer, although i'm sure you put a lot of time into it.

thank you for making and sharing this game with us. i hope to see more like it.