Reviews for "Hippolyta"

Good game!

Very awesome gameplay.

Maybe need to shorten the "run" abit. I found it abit hard at the second part, where it seemed to just go on for ages. Or, add some more checkpoints.

Good game. Keep it up!


great game but how do you unlock armor? i cant find it in the menu

thumbs up

It's meant to be frustrating.

I completely failed at this, well done ;)


Incredible graphics, amazing voice acting, almost naked amazon, what more would you want?

tough much

that was the most extreme game i have ever played in terms of difficulty. i recognize the prince of persia death theme. this game reminds me of arcane castle in which you have alot of options but only one kills the enemy.i actualy think i damaged my wrist playing this game from pressing the restart button alone. i would suggest to anyone playing this game to take a brake every level or two to rest your hand and your eyes because i didn't stop and the blur hurt like hell. the lag was immense, most of the time i was trying to operate the game two seconds behind. also would it be to hard to ask for a map of the course or at least a timer because i thought i was almost done and then i find out i'm not even close. this game is very,very,very addictive.also it has boobs XD