Reviews for "Hippolyta"


yes it kinda hard until you get the controls. but i like the graphics. there blood and bouncing goodies what else can a guy ask for lol.


This is pretty awesome, love the art and how the story started. Crazy with the goat blood though, at the same time strangely attractive... lol But is the game for download to home pc? Be cool to play it all day :D

Good game!

Very awesome gameplay.

Maybe need to shorten the "run" abit. I found it abit hard at the second part, where it seemed to just go on for ages. Or, add some more checkpoints.

Good game. Keep it up!


Great game. The graphics are really good (except that the horse could be more detailed), and the voice acting is great. NOOBS that can only play "sophisticated" RPG games like the reviewer below this review can't handle this type of game, and shouldn't diss it just because it's a reactions game. What this strives for is an elegant and simplistic game that's meant to be challenging. It accomplishes this objective very well.

The one major problem is that the engine is hugely affected by computer performance. If you have too much stuff running in the background, you can actually slow down the pace of the game, and it becomes quite easy, actually.

It's pronounced steppes like...

steps. As in 'the steps of sypia', not 'steepees'

Great game. A bit laggy, but gets really fun in the later stages.

Evil-Dog responds:

hmm fascinating