Reviews for "Hippolyta"


not that's a real challange!! heeling all my four thums for great job!

This. Is. Amazing.

You two are so awesome. omg, I'm playing the hell out of this game! Truly magnificent! I'm so glad I got to be part of this project! Thanks so much! <3


just awsome...period


Amazing, amazing game, love everything about it, especially the storytelling.

And @ rpg-hq, you need to speed up to make the jump, that is, hold the D key, or whatever you binded it to.

Simply Awesome

Loved the game great graphics gameplay and storytelling. The only thing that bugged me was sometimes the game would bug out a tiny bit and the sound of the horse galloping would overlap. This sound would persist beyond death for a constant annoying clatter! lol.. I'd have to restart the whole game (with the un-skipable narrative at the start to get through again.

Like I said awesome game but I hope this one minor detail will be fixed! =)