Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"

Its confusing

Dude please draw the bottons whit arrows on them, its confuising i know its a beta but add music or sound effects. Thanks for the game.


Not bad. Might be a better idea to change the arrow keys and space bar to letters on the key bored that are all next to each other in a line. I kept pressing the wrong key. Or have a little hovering icon that correlates each color to each key.

I look forward to seeing this with some music attached :).

killer34578 responds:

thanks for the review, I work on it

the speed

if you notice its bumpy, you made a cicle with the 1st keyframe equal to the last, so it plays the same frame twice, which makes the frets stop and come bumpy. Either that or you used a fade out tween, killing the continuity of the movement.

use better keys in the next test/full version.


It's nice, but of course I can't give you any bigger score cause of the 'flaws'.

Of course, music and sounds will be extremely necessary, and I suggest the same thing as Mrsteroids and some others, 1 2 3 4 5 instead of the current keys, I was really confused even at this speed.

But it's drawn great, I think it'll be very good when you finish it. ;)

yeah, sorta

First of all, why aren't the controls lined up like the colors? Make it 12345, or qwert, or seomthing like that. Something obvious and intuitive. Second of all, the lack of a response when you get a correct note, like a color change or sound, takes away from the satisfaction. Thirdly, it has no music. But you already know this. I'm just saying it to explain why I can't really review even a beta of a rhythm game without music. all I have to review are the sub-par controls.