Reviews for "Guitar Hero Beta Test"

Controls only problem

Try making the controls configurable, other than that this has real potential and is doing pretty well for a beta.

Its confusing

Dude please draw the bottons whit arrows on them, its confuising i know its a beta but add music or sound effects. Thanks for the game.

OK it is a test

not a song
short game and repetive

i hope that the real game will be asome

killer34578 responds:

read the description...

not half bad

the flaws are insane though. Quert or 12345 would be a great contol layout, and a strum bar could be replicated by a delete-backslash useage (so that the up and down strumming could work for fast streaks of notes.) A BG would help, as well as some designing for the notes and receptors. some good songs would work to, i've got a list for some work i've been doing. Maybe we could collab?


I understand where you are trying to go with this. So it does has potential, maybe it would be like FFR .

But nice concept trying to convert the video game to the computer.