Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

Very funny.

This game probably has the coolest game over scene ever!!!


I loved Kung Fu and beat it like 10 times
I got to the last boss in this one (not gonna reveal it) and I actually couldn't beat it
the game is worth playing through just to see the bosses

No one likes Booster...

I lost it when I realized that I was fighting characters from Christmas movies, Scut Farkus has given me a lot of trouble so far but I intend to go back and whoop that yellowed eyed motherfucker.

Great work.

Mockery responds:

Haha, glad to see somebody recognized Booster! So many people think he's just a weird looking pink bear. Thanks for playing!


Plays just like the original, which could be seen as a bad thing, but personally i love it.
Its so nostalgic and cool.

Waited till christmas to play it.
So thanks for the gift.


so much fun , a great xmas present....

....and the game over screen....wow....epic