Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

Its fun and easy .

You can kill most of the enemys by ducking and kicking them all the time . Try it :D


Awesome remake! I'm sure if this were in my NES it would feel exactly the same. Got to Jesus before I game overed ... which btw awesome Game Over screen. I lol'd if you were after that :D

genius i love it escpecialy the gameover screen

BEAST but frustrating

Great game

Kung Fu was one of my favorite NES games growing up. I played it all the time when I was really young. This is a perfect rendition of the game. It is as fun to play as the real game. I greatly appreciate you making it. I didnt think that there was something that would make my opinions on the game rise a lot but when I saw Turbo Man I had to give the game a ten. Jingle All the Way was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Great game full of great nostalgic value. I love it.

raptor jesus for the win!

GREATEST IDEA EVER! who ever invented him ( and don't say god) you are amazing!