Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


It feels like playing super Mario. Its so cool I like the song choices very classic.
Great Job^^

Its based off an arcade game dumbass...

To the dipshit below me:
the game is based off an old arcade game that did not have great quality and not many fighting options. stop complaining you asshole.
But anyways I loved the game. Classic spoofs of games are always fun there are a few parts that could be worked on by i love it still. 10/10 5/5

Just like the original

Man, u did a piece of art. Its just like the original, i never played it but i saw it, and its just like this. Good Work!

AWSOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!

its an AWESOME GAME but it is quite freaky when you die santas head in a box ?????(MY GOD WAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very good

it was difficult i like that so its not to easy good job liked how on the first stage you made fun of torboman from jingle all the way great game just wish you included continuses so you dont have to start all over again on game overs