Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


For me it is hard but thats because i could never pass kung fu on the nes if you die that is a pretty gory GAME OVER screen.


Instant 10/10 when I unlocked Raptor Jesus. Not too many people would recognize just who that is!

noo D:

santa got killed by jesus christ..
hes tough xD


Impressive! This game remake is more sick & twisted than I expected. Nice job! ^__^ Even the game over and the ending is fucked up! XD (spoiler alert! :P)

Anyways keep up the good work! ^~

LoL >.<

I love the Kung-Fu for NES and this is great omage to it. But like Kung-Fu this game Hard! and admitedly when I played Kung-Fu I used a turbo controller so I cheated, my only advice since I only got to level two before I died is the: in level two just run ignore the enemys just run untill the bigs ones come.