Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


i love the graphics but... its harder then it looked...
and yes... thats what she said XD

Very Boring

Your attempt at nostalgia of old NEw games was pretty good, but the technology is dead for a reason, this just wasnt a good concept for a game. NO fun.

Good game

Pretty good game. Its really hard but that's how the original was. Still I wouldn't have minded an easy mode. I don't care if you call it wussy mode or something, I'll be a wussy if it means I can beat the game without replaying it so many times ha.

Great game

All these people keep complaining about there not being any health and the enemies being to hard, but this is actually a little easier than the NES version was! I could never make it to level 5 on Nintendo like I was able to here, even though I couldn't actually beat Jesus. Kids these days have it too easy with their games, with save points and health packs everywhere. This is what a real game is like.

Shove the complaints or go play Mario Kart.

The idea seems to be simple enough. It seems like you were trying to make a pixel fighter simple and challenging enough for us older gamers to play and reminisce of the older days of hardcore games, when playing a video-game was more a form of self-torture than entertainment. However, the game is missing a few elements, such as a way to shake off enemies and health items, as well as a possible special attack. I can respect your effort, but it seems like you completely bit off more than you could chew when you decided to add in the festive theme to your game: it felt like playing a chopped up, diluted version of Double Dragon, except without the multiplayer option and where the enemies seem to be enjoying Santa's nipples rather than actually attacking him. The bosses were incredibly difficult, perhaps even more difficult than their 90's incarnations would have been. It did feel like there was quite a bit of honest work involved, and I can see how many oldschool gamers could enjoy this. This isn't something you can pick up and beat in an hour, unless you have crazy mad skills.

However, I have one last thing to say to those complaining:
This is a game. It is not your typical game, as you can probably tell by the creepy as shit game over screen you will inevitably see. So I want to say, shove the complaints up your ass if you have nothing else to say, and go play Mario Kart DS or go jack off if you're the type that cries when he can't beat the first level after the 100th try.