Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

lol its a copy of kun fu for nintend


It's a good parody of the original NES classic. I had a lot of fun playing it. But whereas Mister X was a real joke to defeat, Jesus Christ here is so tough to beat it'll make you want to punch your keyboard and your screen. I tried many times and never found any clear pattern, he seems to be 100% random and no matter what I come up with he gets me anyway. Aww, maybe one day I'll get lucky just enough to kill him and see what happens afterward.

OMG the guy throwing bottles from behind keeps running away and santa is to fat to catch him so I1st level is screwed up need to fix bottle thrower behind you to be able to focus on actual game!

It's almost nothing more than a sprite hack of an existing game but at least the game picked was good to begin with. Classic I-Mockery content.