Reviews for "Santa Fu!"

Could be better

Honestly, it's way too hard the way it is. Some of the enemies are too hard to hit, your attacks are slow, it'd be really nice if there was health or something in this (seriously, if Santa is drunk why not some spiked eggnog for health? That'd work), and maybe a way to get extra lives or something (if there already is a way, I haven't found it). That Game Over screen is just scary as hell (nice artwork, but that is SERIOUSLY creepy. Then again, the game's first boss is Turboman, I can't say I was expecting a normal Game Over screen anyway). It's a nice idea, but it could use some work.


It's pretty good, but when enemies hurt u, it looks kind of weird :-S


dats kinda fucked up when u die... other than that not responsive enough.


Kung Fu Remix did the job a lot better. Sorry.

Not bad

Was able to beat it on my second try, funny ending though "Guess who's on my naughty list" lol.