Reviews for "Santa Fu!"


The controls are horrible. The range doesn't get the job done, and most of the time the enemies aren't forgiving. The second level... It's almost impossible to pass since things are randomly falling with no warning. The speed of the character is terrible, therefore, dodging is nearly impossible. The enemy in the first level that was throwing bottles was difficult to catch, since he always moved away when I could get close, yet, that's another issue also with the speed of the character. He also didn't follow the pattern he was supposed to at times. He would signal for a low throw, then do a high throw for no reason. Tweek it a bit and it would be a cool game.


I feel as if I were 6 years old again and playing Kung Fu for countless hours on end. Thanks for the nostalgia trip, i greatly appreciated it.

Deliciously retro and awesome parody!

The game's almost exactly like Kung Fu (since I had taken the the time to play earlier in my life). Sometimes it's too much to bear seeing Santa's head in a box (in a comical sense). Good job!

Great but...

Great but how can someone cut santas head off, I mean you Realy have to change that 9/10 4/5

creative and unexpected AI !

for a nes flash, this was pretty good, simple controls, simple action, and it was quite good, not top of the line but reminds me of back in the day when nes was in its prime.

great game, found the AI for the computer enemies to be unexpected which made me play it just a little more than i would, after i beat it once or twice.