Reviews for "Mammoth"


it was very nice but as you stated before you did need some ambience

Smart caveman...

Shame there wern't any lady cave...womans...to uh, help spread the smartness, then maybe there'd be more hairy guys around today.
Also loved the alien, very cool design!


I loved every second of it. The animation was great, and the sounds really helped too since there was no speech involved. It's definitely a winner. Keep on making great films, I'm sure people from all over will enjoy them as much as I just did. 10/10


I really enjoyed this movie especially its simplicity. It's really an imaginative and creative piece that was very pretty interesting to watch. I really love the use of sounds in lue of speech to carry the story. I thought that was a very nice take. Some of the images were a little to simplistic at times, but that didn't really take away from the overall story. As for the story itself it was very creative and imaginative.

All in all a good movie. Keep up the good work!

So random!

That was freaking awesome!