Reviews for "Mammoth"


i think tht caveman is a bit too smart to be a cave man. HES SMARTER THAN ME!!!! really funny

Amazing job!

It was original, funny, and extremely well animated. You obviosly put a lot of time and love into this piece and it really paid off, this was brilliant!
I dont think anyone on this site has ever attempted to put an alien against a caveman. I loved the story and you got me thinking as to how the caveman would beat the alien... An animation that made me think outside of school... weird...
Anyway, top marks. well done.

haaha nice

cool story!


that was a great documentary about the discovery of the well known fridge ^^
nice animation, excelent storyline... but... the sound was a little poor i must say, but the story saves it all ^^ altought with the animation, that is why i give ya a 10, n a 5 ^^

nice job

pretty funny with a good story line
the fight between the alien and the cavemen at the end could have been longer
but still 10 stars