Reviews for "Mammoth"


that was totally..........awesome!!!!!!!
killed evil alien with its tail and made it into a sword and its ship into a freezer. sweet!!!

that was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rotfl

lol he cut diamond cave man was like wtf and he made a refrigerator that movie was original you got imagination that kill him with himself perfect avp stuff.
you diserve score its true

Simple yet...

The animation and story were simple, yet it all felt really well thought out.

It was pretty nice

I liked this a lot because of the animation. It's actually kind of strange, because the animation of the mammoths seemed pretty detailed in comparison to, say, the caveman. It was interesting as I was thinking about how the caveman was going to defeat that alien creature. It was a pretty weird cartoon, but luckily I'm a big fan of weird things. The music was pretty nice, if a little generic. It's nice that you listed your influences and all of the stuff that went into making this neat little cartoon.

Extremely well made

As others have said, the only thing missing is the background music. The story was unique, funny and well told. Definitely one of the best of the year.