Reviews for "Mammoth"


I like the idea. It was interesting how a caveman killed the alien. Good job! :D

great story

there's this quote i heard before and it goes along the lines of "nothing is indestructible because you can always use something against itself." anyway, i really like how the character solved his problem using the alien and his ship. i thought it was really clever. the art and animation style was pretty good. like an earlier review, it reminded me of samurai jack because of the absence of outlines and even the slashes on the black background. great stuff.

Very good, However....

Ok, so the animation was good, the sound effects were good also. The only thing that kept me from thinking WOW was that it had no accompanying music.

The animation is somewhat comparable to Tom & Jerry; no speech, just the facial expressions to tell you whats happening. The only thing is that theres usually music (classical usually) that keeps the viewer roped in at all times and I felt that this is what your animation lacked.

Other than that, it was very good. I feel you could make a whole bunch of these tales of a caveman stories but there needs to be some music in the background to keep the viewer interested.


Nicely done. I was starting to think that the caveman was gonna give up. Very nice animation.


this was a brilliant idea.. very nicely done