Reviews for "Tetraform"


this is a nice game,first time i played a game like this is so addicting good music and the best it have medals :D

*Sob* The best game, but i had a louse ending.

This game is insanely fun. But i screwed myself royally when playing. On the final boss, instead of waiting for a bomb to finish it, i, i.. I DROVE IT INTO MAI SPIKE DX. So i didnt get any points, and i didnt get that medal for ending with a spike. Other than that, this is the most kickass game ever. Only thing is, it needs a pause button, or maybe i couldnt find it. Oh well, its a great time killer, and insanely fun 8D 10/10, 5/5.

very inginuitive

very cool- very imaginative- love the music =)


That was great! The detail, smoothness, and the simplicity of the controls allowed you to just play the game instead of always looking at the keyboard tyrying to make button combos and power attacks and just being overwhelmed. The boss's weren't impossible or too easy. The frantic pace of the last waves and the diversity of the enemies makes me want to keep playing after it's over.