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Reviews for "Santa's Tree"

great emotions

I found thsi lil' movie very emotionnal well done.Seriously. :)

Sonucais responds:


Thats not how you should treat a squirrel

But santa is nice :D

Sonucais responds:


I think the guy below is pranking

So just ignore it, or laugh, cause it is actually kind of funny. As for the video, it was cute. It was a tad too short, but the animation was consistent and had good depth. Well done.

Sonucais responds:

I laughed.

Not a critic, but...

Alright, let me point out what's wrong with this video... for one, the snow was not white enough and the lumberjacks were a little racially insensitive, being both whites -Seriously though, why do you people only make white people?- And second, the squirrl was brown when he obviously should have been a light chestnut color! And the story was a little off, shouldn;t the guy have thrown the squirrl out the window rather then the door? And remember, i'm not a critic, but santa should have been asian, due to the popoular belief that he is, in fact, a negro. The kids were a little too strange to be in this flash because one of them didn't wear a hat. Also, this movie needed more penis and bad voice acting. But, altogether it was still a good flash, so I give it a 0/10000

Sonucais responds:

Eh, I did one of the kids "black" if you like to use colors, but that's nothing racist. Snow, I made it white and blue for shadows. It's elemental if I want to make reliefs. Colors is anyway about styles I could say, there are many races of animals. I just don't get why should thrown the squirrel out from the window. Lol, asian Santa. Lol, negro Santa. Lol, penis. Lol, Voice Acting. Lol, 0. Thanks for the review.


Personally I feel that the message was not to hate people who take things away but that christmas is a time of happiness and sharing. Bad example being the dude who threw the squirriel out. As we all know santa doesn't exist, or at least used too. He is more of a symbol of giving. Thus I feel that this flash really brings out meaning and substance. It is also a good testimony that newgrounds isn't about dick jokes and people killing each other, but a place that we share our views or opinions. I know many of you are going to hate me for saying this but what the heck. That being said You should pratice more with flash when you have time to fully capture the moment to the fullest potential. Good job and hope to see more. :)

Sonucais responds:

That could work too.