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Reviews for "Santa's Tree"

not a bad story...

but the message of this story is lost on me. acorns falling out of pine trees and growing into pine trees? acorns are the seeds of oak trees. this is the kind of thing you learn when you're a child.

with that fact aside, the story is rather weak. you're relying on a person's pity for a small creature with watery eyes for this to actually mean anything. this did nothing for me because the story is just so feeble. while i think it's a real issue that we destroy forests for our selfish aesthetic purposes, i find that the message of this story is more about the creatures of the forest, not the forests themselves.

Sonucais responds:

Just imagine all acorn trees are pine trees, that was my main intention ok. Secondly, we didn't study that here when we were kids. What if we never seen snow or those trees? No one actually cares if I don't really know that.

Sorry but I can't figure out what you mean at the end, most of the people understands the tale like I wanted to, main character was a squirrel who almost dies, not a tree, so what's actually the issue with the message of this story? Some people figures it out with the creatures and others with the forests themselves, both options are actually correct! Btw, cartoon expressions can talk for the character itself.

Don't think wrong, I'm glad for the review.

yeah, one tree.

Good movie. bad concept. magic tree, back from the santar. 1 tree from THE FOREST. chipmunk is cute tho ...

Sonucais responds:

bad concept?

Great message, in the form of newgrounds flash :D

That's why now squires start using machine guns.
- http://www.jamiegaines.com/stuff/squi rrel_with_machine_gun.jpg

Sonucais responds:


Very good, powerful message.

Maybe I will recycle this year.

Sonucais responds:

good start


That was a great storytelling and very heartwaming. Poor little squirrel until Santa came to help him out. We shall all do the same in need.


Sonucais responds:

; )