Reviews for "Santa's Tree"

Hey Frank, we missed one.

Just kidding. This was a good example of Christmas. But it could have been longer, you know?

Sonucais responds:

I had a deadline to submit this and had not enough time to do any longer. But hey, got 1st place on the contest.

cool soundtrack

really like the soundtrack, the story,though underdeveloped, has some potential.


Poor little squirrel........T_T.............

Excellent Christmas flash.

This was a beautiful Christmas flash,the animation was outstanding especially the background & snow effects and i thought the Squirrel was so cute,there was some sad scenes to go with it too but it had a happy ending with the tree so overall this was a fantastic Christmas flash you made,great job. =)


I really loved that animation - I don't mind what grew out of that acorn, it was really awesome. Cookie for you! :D

Sonucais responds:

Oh, hey. Cookies!