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Reviews for "Santa's Tree"


that santa can do TREE POWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonucais responds:


love it.

I'm Jew. lol no JK love the story hope you keep at it.

have a marry christmas to.

Sonucais responds:

Well, and I'm not Christian, haha.


i liked it... the msg is plain and simple. We cut down a tree to celebrate an annual event. In order to make our home a little nicer for the season, we destroy another creatures home & a tree too.

Dont think it has anything to do with what IceKitsune mentioned, they were looking wayyyyy too deep into something that was pretty basic and well presented... no hidden agenda's in this flash, in my opinion.

If you dont like the msg of a flash, then grade it on animation style, color, & presentation. Critics can be so asinine sometimes :P

Keep up the good work Sonucais

Sonucais responds:

IceKitsune is gay.

Very emotional

I really liked the wide variety (or at least the number) of songs that you used for this. The human characters had sort of simple designs, but that wasn't what you were trying to do. I really like the animation in this one; being able to idenitfy the little dots reminded me of the stuff in the Sunday comics (which I still read). It was also nice how you got an environmental message across with the trees being cut down. I'm glad it ended on at least a somewhat optimistic note. Merry Christmas to you now and forever, Sonucais!

Sonucais responds:

Hey ericho, thanks for reviewing again.

Santa defies nature

Why does the acorn grow a pine tree?
Pinecones grow pine trees, acorns grow oak trees.

Sonucais responds:

It's too late to fix, there are not pine or oak trees here, so had no idea. Just a tree.