Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

I found a bug.. :o

After the video finishes, the lyrics just sorta loops again while the image remains as the 'dead' guy..
Ps: daim, How can people be so inhumane and just trample over a guy like that.. >_>
Awesome intro by the way, the effects for that old man was really cool. o_o
I like the voicing for that old man. >D
"And do you know what the walmartman does when he GETS ya?"


Hey, buddy, you okay? OH, SHIT!!! *laugh ass off*

Noooo ! ! !

Anything but his ankles not his ankles ! ! !
Dame you walmart man ! ! !
Dame you to heck

Ok I guess...

That was OK, the drawings were good....but there wasn't much point to it... sorry.


Well the final scene of the character layed out on the shopping mall floor is just superbly done, i love how you didnt add much detail to its face as well. The scene in the toilet was hands down one of the most intense flash scenes i have watched, just incredibly creepy and i didnt know where it was going and then the hilarious joke after the law finds him in the corner topped this off nicely. Overall superbly done, with great use of style.