Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

Plz don't shit on the floor.

That was the funniest thing in the whole flash, but I'd like to mention (more like ask) Has the idiocy of humanity really come this far?! According to me (which i see this everyday on the news and whatnot) America is the country that has the stupidest people on earth.. one last word of advice.. be considerate, educate your children, and please don't continue this endless downfall in the decay of common sense..

not cool

this is not funny at all this is why black Friday is just plane gay


alright animation, kinda short, kinda finny


Great animation, but it's pretty scary..But yet funny


i liked it a lot

I don't see any problems about the joke if we can't make joke like that we also need to stop with all black, , jew, white, gay and professions jokes and cancel Familly Guy cause people might be offended. and if he died it's not our f*cking blame. you need to rate the animation not the death of that guy.
(can't speak your danm language very well)