Reviews for "Curse of the Wal-Mart Man"

lol wtf!!!

ahhh ahh my ankles i think there sprained They kinda hurt!!! lol random

A slightly funny idea, if not a bit morally wrong.

I work at wal-mart so I couldn't help but watch this. The artwork was pretty good in this, but it really had no ending, which can be a pain for a movie.

Eh, ok

Not a bad concept but really it could have been improved had it actually been a consistent story that made sense rather than a comedy wuss out.

ya okay? Read this

Despite the fact this is about some one's death at the hands of greedy shoppers this video is well meh. I don't quite understand the ending nor what you were trying to prove. However good art work. and you created this errie background too.

Give you credit

Ill give you credit on the hard work you must have gone through to make this, but the concept was just bad. Its kinda sad how you are making a flash on somebodies death, but despite the fact I'm still gonna give you a good score =)