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Reviews for "100 Babies"

my immitation of a big shit?

bro, the story wasnt funny, u cant even use the pen tool in photoshop and the animation made me want to vomit.

better luck next time

what the....

it was ok...but waaay too long


I thought that it was a interesting concept, and a great idea to use that type of unique animation, there were 1 or two funny parts that made me laugh, However it gave me this pedophile vibe with all the naked babie pictures, and such, That it could of done without,

JunkYardAnimations responds:

wtf? pedophile vibe??? are you sick in the head, what the fuck goes through your mind when you see a baby? its a fucking child man you need serious help if you think sexually when you see a half naked baby


i dont know this i very cheap i just, just, i , idont know dude wtf did i just watch. way too boring and long after that 3rd sex scene i gave up watching -.-


my eyes ghaaaaaaaaaaa!