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Reviews for "100 Babies"

This was soooo bad...

This one one of the most boring things I've ever sat through. Next time try to shorten the length of the product.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

'Bitter Poet Madman' oh you're bitter alright! lol

really really really stupid

this is just dumb a little heavy of the language 1/10 for at least trying to make something

That was... Rubbish.

I noticed that all the people who voted 10, are probably the age of 8 and under. they would vote 10 for anything. I like my honestly.

I thought it was horrible. I though the idea was just flat out dumb and sound quality could REALLY use some work. I get the idea of you trying to be funny, but I honestly didn't find it anywhere near it. I'm sorry.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

lol oh i didn't TRY to be funny, i was funny and AM funny, so lighten up you stuck up emo-bitch!!! :)

Oh joy...

You seem to whine a lot when people criticize you in reviews so I'm tempted to give a flip review and move on but because I'm a complete tool I'll take this seriously.

Graphics: 0
Awful, just awful and I dont care if they were intentionally awful

Sound: 0
Voice acting aside volume wavered up and down like the panties of an indecisive hooker. Bad quality. Again intentional or not it was terrible.

Humor: 0
Well my initially response to this would be to dismiss it as sophmoric however it isn't even that, it just isn't that funny. It isn't really offensive like some reviews are implying, it's just bad.

Overall: 1/10

I don't like absolutes so I gave you a 1 because there are worst things you could watch...but just barely. It's horrible really. And while you can say that all of the naysayers don't get it, need to lighten up, or that you banged their mum last night, you still produced an absolutely terrible animation and shame on you for taking advantage of the severe mental disabilities that so many newgrounders appear to suffer from.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

LOL, and who are you to judge what comedy is? i do not value your opinion and please don't poke fun at mental disabilities and accuse newgrounders for having it, shows how low you can sink and that you have no class whatsoever.


No offence, but I didnt have the patience to watch the whole thing. And plus, I thought this crap was for teens... What the hell happened to secure content? My god... Honestly, this type of animation makes my left ear bleed from the anger, and that content, ironically, gave me a nosebleed. No, not real bleeding...

JunkYardAnimations responds:

first off learn how to spell 'offense', second of all why shouldn't this be rated for Teens? are we still that desensitized and immature to watch videos like this that have implied sexual content and swearing??? and third of all! i checked off the boxes and followed the guidelines... no hardcore violence, pornography or excessive swearing so therefore you ignorant little punk this qualifies as TEEN!!!