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Reviews for "100 Babies"

Like Monty Python, but worse.

Oh man, you have such potential and you obviously pay homage to Monty Python, but this is just bad. The sex jokes got trite, the monologues got lost and I couldnt even watch this to the end. Try to shorten this up, simplify your story and let the animation work for you. Keep working at it man. That fat ass baby is funnay as hell.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

haha well im glad u offered some constructive criticism... and nope ive never watched monty python in my life... and u gotta watch the end man! its the best party the big final production and agent dobsons antics

Band of 100 Babies Huh?...Better than Selena Gomez

What a strange world we live in. People gain 15 minutes of fame for nutshots, everything can be contacted via Twitter...and music is now played by babies!?
Basically all I can say after watching this is...Yeah Girl WTF!!

What can I say about this flash that isn't so obvious. Photoshop may be convenient, but it certaintly isn't very entertaining as original animation. All the eyes either look like they're retarted or someone just farted in their face. The cutouts even used were kind of bland though the main man reminded me of Tom Cruise. As for the audio, the sound effects weren't bad, but the voice acting was actually pretty damn good. It's a shame that the dialogue they were scripted to act out was like it was written by a fifteen year old who thinks dick jokes and cussing are the shit. I already know that such maturity matches this flash, but a little clever wordplay humor wouldn't hurt either.

Just like the one-talented (But still better than Paris Hilton) baby band featured, this movie just blew up all over the place in one big clusterfuck that somehow got away with such adulterated content yet still have a T rating.

$ $
2 Sexy Times out of 5.

Good try

Way too long. Scenes should have been made to go through faster and A LOT of dialogue could have been cut. If it was half the length I would have scored higher. More doesn't mean better.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

nah, everything was funny!!!


and lion its our opinoind and our life of what we lived to make us choose our voting situations and moral on what we do and i don't even know what im saying and this was pretty weird


was ok, some parts did give me a chuckle