Reviews for "Bucketball 2"


This was aweosme but Heyzap stuff shouldn't count, even on Kongregate but no lagging to me

It's okay for a while.

I'll review it for at least the basic game. The game is fine, and seems free of any game breaking glitches. Not exactly the best puzzle or skill game there is, but at least it models the physics of the ball, even down to skipping along the water. There are portals that match the physics of the ball in motion.

Implementing water areas for the ball to travel was quite interesting. The music went along with the game well.

However, after the initial thrills of shooting the balls into baskets a bit, it just seemed so plain, and I doubt any number of upgrades or bonus levels will solve the problem.

I finished the game to see what puzzles would challenge me. Unfortunately, none of the puzzles were challenging at all, requiring a little more than a bit of planning ahead. (which balls should be placed on which switches and in what order do you shoot them in, etc).

I only was slowed down not by the logic puzzles, but by some ridiculous precision shot on a stage involving rebounding panels. You basically had to rebound a ball onto a sloped panel and then make it land on the ledge above where the ball is. And then, you had to shoot the ball into the basket just above said ledge. Miss once, and start over with the rebounding panel.

The thing is, you have to hit the panel exactly right or else it will launch your ball across the screen or miss the ledge. I eventually got it up there and then into the basket, but not after forty tries or so and missing the basket twice.

All aside, it was decent, but in my opinion, isn't the kind of game that I'd buy more features for.

Trying to do too much

I thought the original bucketball was okay. The aiming mechanic was simple yet effective. This isn't. In addition, the game lags like trying to watch a youtube video on a 56k modem. Fix it, if you can.

That upgrades system is extremely arrogant. Upgrades are awarded for successful gameplay, not going to some external site to fill out some forms. Why wouldn't I want to play with upgrades anyway?

I dont know if it is my computer but

IT LAGS SO MUCH! It lags so much that it takes the fun out of it!

are you kidding?

listen this is an ok game, its not anything special... ive seen quite a few like it.

theres not much you could do to improve it.. its a weak concept to begin with, but if you honestly think people are going to pay money for upgrades in a flash game, your out of your mind... and i really hope no one does.

that might sound cruel but that seriously got to me, the only reason i played past the first level was for the prospect of upgrades, that sounds weird yes, but when i realised you wanted MONEY, REAL MONEY FOR THIS???!

well as much as it doesnt reflect on my mediocre score for your mediocre game, it did cheese me off.

hope you make a good game someday, but i still wont spend money on it when you do