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Reviews for "Bucketball 2"

Loved it

A great improvement over the first offering new challenges a risky move removing adverts for unlockable stuff but i did make a purchase as i enjoyed the experience so i bought it its the least i can do so good job on the game

a fun and addictive little game

clever physics, simple idea adapted on to make it a challenge, very well done

Komix responds:

thanks, glad you liked it

could be a nice game

"about 20 of the 29 levels are reachable without spending money, so you really don't have to spend money for the game unless you spend more then 45 minutes playing, and I think when we entertain you that long successfully we really deserve your 1 dollar. But I guess that's just me."

No, you dont. There are way WAY better games than this - made from people that don't only want to earn money from it.

You got a sponsor for this. So you do not need that 1Dollar from us.


Komix responds:

what, you played it for 1 minute? and you didn't have to pay, because you didn't even play it, so what are you on about?

Truly worth purchasing

I love this game, and finished every level, except one of the bonus levels which is very challenging. Perfect sounds/graphics, and can't wait for part 3!!

interesting game...

good entertainment...