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Reviews for "Bucketball 2"

Pretty Cool.

The fact that I'd have to sign up for some "Fill out surveys!" thing to get some of the upgrades prevents me from giving this a perfect score. Perhaps you could make it "Get X amount of points and unlock Y!"? Which I think would be a better way to go. I did find the one free upgrade to be useful.

The puzzles were challenging enough to where they weren't annoyingly so. I liked the 'warp' mechanic and it did take me a couple of tries to get the angle and velocity thing down right, which I enjoyed doing.


why is lvl 5 so hard

nice but

worse then bucketball 1 and i hated the upgrades


yo great game would like the sound track for this though

Really fun... a few suggestions though!

OK, here's what I like about it. It has this sort of fun, playful "alien" feel to it. The music really helps with that, but it's also the game physics and colors and maps and stuff.

The game could play a bit faster. What I mean is it takes a lot of time inbetween clicks because you have to reposition the mouse. Maybe better if it were keyboard only? Left/right for angle, up/down for speed? Maybe tab to switch inbetween balls...

You have "Sound otions" instead of "Sound options" in the menu. (missing a "p")

And... also on one level, I got the ball locked underneath the cart. I had to restart the level!

But this game shows a lot of promise. I think the main thing is... make it faster and more action! The physics are already really clever :)