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Reviews for "Bucketball 2"

It was a good game...

... but I just don't agree with the concept of spending real money on things like Mochi Money or Heyzap Coings to buy things in flash games. For more than ten years Newgrounds contributors have pumped out (and they still do) some awesome flash games with tons of levels, upgrades, and the likes, and it never cost the users anything. When I play a game like this with upgrades and extra levels, but it's going to cost me real money, it falls WAY short in comparison to all these games that have the same systems but don't want me to pay for them.

I understand sponsorship by certain sites, advertisements, and even the system of releasing only the first few levels of a game here on Newgrounds and then linking to the sponsor's site where the complete game is hosted to generate traffic. But I just don't agree with releasing a game which is only, a best, half available until you pull out your credit card. I'm sure that as a flash artist, there was a definite benefit for you to use this system in your games, and I don't hold that against you. You just want to get the most out of your work, which is completely understandable. However, its not a system that I will ever like and, as I said before, just makes otherwise good games fall short in comparison to the ones that are truly free.

Komix responds:

about 20 of the 29 levels are reachable without spending money, so you really don't have to spend money for the game unless you spend more then 45 minutes playing, and I think when we entertain you that long successfully we really deserve your 1 dollar. But I guess that's just me.

Also, the more money we make the more effective we can be making new games.


the graphics looks ok but i was bored afer seconds of play, the balls seem to weigh to much every shot i took was off because i couldnt get used to the weight of the balls but luckily to modern gamers a pretty picture is good enuff for them.


The controls are a bit buggy (even on low quality it's sloppy), but I love physics games like this


its a good game but if you land a ball of the wrong colour in a certain way into a bucket like on top of a right coloured one (example: red into blue bucket in first level on top of blue) it shoots the ball staright up and back into the wrong bucket and gets caught in a loop.

Finally, a sequel.

Liked Bucketball very much.
Awesome there is a sequel now!
It's also a great game again.