Reviews for "CROW"

what just happened?

I didnt get what happened, it was good but confusing.

Jimtopia responds:

I'd take "good but confusing" over "unintelligible and a waste of time" any day!

You should...

make the story clear... And did that crow eat the "man"? I give you 9 for a not understandable story... But I see Plette working it hard core , by the way the "Jack's Lantern" music fits the Credits Hope you don't get mad :D.

Jimtopia responds:

As I've said in previous review responses, had we gone with the original ending it would have made a bit more sense, but due to time constraints we couldn't, glad you liked it anyway.

I think it was done quite well

Awesome! It really conveys the emotion of fear. :)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, that's what we were going for.


dude this is awesome but knowing the main character as i do he would have been all like "NINJA KILL!!!"

Jimtopia responds:


Nightmare noo way this is a nice dream :3

A real nightmare its me going to church for the rest of my life. Any way the animation was good and the story adorable i like it i just wish it could be more long than normal.

ps. i like crows :3

Jimtopia responds:

Eh, I'm not sure a longer cartoon would've worked for this, but thanks for the review all the same.