Reviews for "CROW"


This was very strange... It is missing something, maybe because it is very short. The art and animation were very good. I like crows...
Meh.. anyway, it is just like a dream, short and senseless. |:
I would give you a lower rating, but this flash seems special, and I see you worked on it a lot.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, we did work on it a lot. :)

I didn't understood this...

Really nice animation, but, amm... i didn't quite got the idea of this...

9/10... because well, you understand... Anyway this is very good)

Jimtopia responds:

Glad you liked it man.

Seems like a rip off

I would have scored you higher, but this looks like an almost straight rip off of the movie "The Crow : City of Angels"

Same thing happens to the bad guy at the end.

Nice art though.

Jimtopia responds:

Never seen, or even heard of that movie.


Ok the graphics/animation were fantastic, kudos to that. But the movie itself wasn't really anything... or maybe I'm just missing something, but all I saw was a guy that looked really scared standing around for a while, then he disappears.
I'm wondering... who is he? where is he? why is he there? what happened? There's no plot.

I liked it.

The art was well done and the project was good for halloween.
I didn't see much plot though. He's in the darkness looking at crosses and crows take him. I don't mean to sound like I'm demeaning the content in that decription but I have no idea how else to put it. It's good nonetheless though.
Good luck in the competition. I hope you do well.

Jimtopia responds:

Understandable complaints, glad you at least found some redeeming qualities in it.