Reviews for "CROW"


The artwork really brings this animation to life and the animation fits perfectly with it. I especially loved the ending as he was pulled into the darkness - it was kind of hard to tell exactly what was happening - the crows took him? Regardless that was quite dark which make it all the more a great Halloween submission.

Jimtopia responds:

You guessed correctly sir, the crows took him, I know it's kind of hard to understand, maybe if we get time we'll put on the ending we originally intended.

Anyway thanks, for the constructive review, glad you liked it.


brilliant although animation was simple swf's animated in after effects?
music was good reminds me of walking home in the dark you begin to see and hear things in the shadows O.O

keep it up

Jimtopia responds:

Actually it was all animated in Flash except for my Jimtopia splash screen and the CROW title screen.


So i must say, the effects in this piece were phenomenal. The art direction was fitting and all together this piece was very enjoyable.

Thanks for that :)

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks, I guess I did a good job when I chose the camera angles and effects for this. :)

yea ok um

spokky ill give u that, but a little concfused to wat happen, like he went in the ground, ok yea lol really spooky awesome

Jimtopia responds:

Yeah I'm aware the ending is a little confusing, but the flash had to be cut short due to time constraints, it would've made more sense had we used our original ending.


Ive seen your artwork in the art portal. I remember does eyes. As for the flash, its greatly done. Loved it. Both your artwork and flash skills are amazing. Good luck on the Halloween flash off!

Jimtopia responds:

To be honest, Plette was pretty surprised that his art got frontpaged when that first happened, lol. Anyway, thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it.