Reviews for "Memoir: Text Adventure"

Interesting concept.

On my initial and most enjoyable play through, I was average looking and intelligent, but unhealthy. After answering the questions as closely as I thought I would react in those situations in reality, I died at age 70. Alone and childless, sadly. Although I never made it to age 130, I took an enjoyable experience out of this simulation.

Throughout the game, I was reminded of the rumor that people see their lives flash before their eyes as they die. It was a thought-provoking concept.


i made it to 130 "see you in hell!" lol this is a very good game

Love the game but...

I died from a stab wound when a hobo died of dehydration.


I totally love this game.


I love this game....but the only thing is well I always played just for fun but just now im like hey ill go ahead and try for 130 and i did everything right i had 3 kids and i barly worked...and i bought a health pack but i only got to 120 (His real name is richard starky :P) i got that for 20,000